Tourism in Nigeria: an enchanting view of beautiful spots and cultures

Government of Nigeria has taken tourism of Nigeria seriously with a great welcome note to the entire tourist based at different parts of the world. People staying at Asian countries are very eager to explore Nigeria. Before visiting the country personally, you must go ahead with the research on various important destinations which are worth visiting being a tourist. Nigeria is not only confined to spots, rather the ample number of events increases the importance of the tourist destination. Tourist destinations in Nigeria include beautiful waterfalls, dense rain forests and other natural attractions.

Tourist attractions in Nigeria

The long JuJu Shrine 

It is a wonderful tourist destination which is meant for a fascinating cave. It was believed by the people of Nigeria that the cave have a long metal pipe which is the connector between god and human being. Through the particular pipe made up of metal, god used to speak to people in the particular place. This is also known as one of the significant religious place in the country.

Ibena beach

Nigeria has many beaches. One of the famous and attractive to hold tourist from distant places is none other than Ibena beach that is situated at Akwa Ibom state. If you are one of the lovers of water sport, this beach will be idea to visit.

Rojenny Tourist village

This is not just a village but has gained the name of being one of the beautiful tourist resorts in the country. Within the village you can get variety of space for entertaining your children such as joy rides, parks, sports activities. You can also have peace of mind with the scope of relaxation.

Yankari National Park

Get a scope of viewing enchanting wild life and unusual species of Nigeria at Yankari National Park. This is really well developed national park in Nigeria visited by thousands of visitors throughout the time from November to May. You can easily view the animals like Bushbucks, Elephants, Baboons, Warthogs, and Crocodile etc.

Agbokim Waterfalls

You need to travel very short distance from the border of Nigeria Cameroon in order to view the Agbokim waterfalls. This is one of the most beautiful natural destinations of Nigeria where people can visit and spend the whole day. It is also one of the well recommended picnic spots. Since the fall is surrounded by green vegetation, the beauty of waterfall becomes more attractive to human eye.

Mbari cultural centers

This is known as the sculpture house of Nigeria which portrays the social life of people residing in the country. You can also get the depiction of the art sacrifice portrayed for the goddess of mother earth ??ALA'. This also represents the majestic messenger such as tortoise, ram, and snakes.

Nigeria is the nation with fascinating tourism along with its diverse cultures. You can now easily make a stand to visit the wonderful country with variety of natural vegetation, culture, heritage and different species. Even the cuisines of Nigeria are appreciated by thousands of tourist around the world who came to visit Nigeria.



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